Joint Interbull – EAAP Session

Joint Interbull – EAAP Session

Joint Interbull – EAAP Session at the EAAP meeting in Dubrovnik, 27th August 2018

EAAP and Interbull will once again organise joint sessions on the first day of EAAP. The themes for these two joint sessions with the EAAP Cattle and Genetics Commissions on Monday 27th August 2018:

Cow and large population genotyping for genomic selection, management and marketing in cattle

In recent years the number of cows that are being genotyped is increasing rapidly. This session will provide an opportunity to share experiences and research in applying cow genotyping and the use of such genotypes, for the improvement of genomic selection, management and marketing in dairy and beef cattle breeds.

Chairs: Sophie Mattalia & Haifa Benhajali

Optimization of a genomic breeding program for small-sized cattle populations (with INTERBULL)

This session will focus on dairy and beef cattle, but may be applicable to other farm species that are characterized by a small population size. One specific question addresses the optimal design of a calibration group, i.e., in order to estimate SNP-marker effects, especially for novel traits (e.g., health, behaviour, product quality). In the context of SNP marker estimations, mixed breed genomic evaluations are a topic of interest. A further aspect of this session reflects the evaluation of breeding program design and overall breeding goals considering genomic information. Here, questions address selection response in overall breeding goals as well as in single traits for breeding goals with genomic marker information, or with direct gene effects. In addition, the long-term effect of genomic selection on inbreeding and genetic / genomic relationships should be studied.

Chairs: Sven Koenig & Reinhard Reents